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Opening the silole ring: Efficient and specific cleavage of the endo-C(sp2)-Si bond with AcOH/ROH system Journal article
Chemical Science, 2011,Volume: 2,Issue: 11,Page: 2271-2274
Authors:  Luo Q.;  Wang C.;  Li Y.;  Ouyang K.;  Gu L.;  Uchiyama M.;  Xi Z.
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Formation of α-lithio siloles from silylated 1,4-dilithio-1,3- butadienes: Mechanism and applications Journal article
Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2010,Volume: 5,Issue: 5,Page: 1120-1128
Authors:  Luo Q.;  Wang C.;  Gu L.;  Zhang W.-X.;  Xi Z.
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Conjugations  Isomerization  Lithiation  Siloles  X-ray diffraction  
Synthesis of functionalized siloles from Si-tethered diynes Journal article
Tetrahedron Letters, 2009,Volume: 50,Issue: 26,Page: 3213-3215
Authors:  Luo Q.;  Gu L.;  Wang C.;  Liu J.;  Zhang W.;  Xi Z.
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1,4-Diiodo-1,3-butadiene  1,4-Dilithio-1,3-butadiene  Cleavage of Si-C bond  Phenyl-bridged bis-silole  Si-tethered diynes  Silole  Zirconacyclopetadiene