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Digital silk road, Silicon Valley and connectivity Journal article
Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2018,Volume: 16,Issue: 3,Page: 313-336
Authors:  K.C. Fung;  Nathalie Aminian;  Xiaoqing (Maggie) Fu;  Chris Y. Tung
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Digital Silk Road  Silicon Valley  Connectivity  
Internationalization of the use of Chinese currency: perspectives from the New and the Ancient Silk Roads Journal article
Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2017,Volume: 16,Issue: 1,Page: 1-16
Authors:  K. C. Fung;  Nathalie Aminian;  Xiaoqing (Maggie) Fu;  Iikka Kornhohen
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Internationalization  Chinese Monies  Silk Road  
The Influence from Khotan: The Standing Buddha Images in Kucha Book chapter
出自: Interaction in the Himalayas and Central Asia: Process of Transfer, Translation and Transformation in Art, Archaeology, Religion and Polity:Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 2017, 页码: 127-144
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Cowry Shells in Eastern Eurasia Book chapter
出自: The Silk Road: Interwoven History:Cambridge, Massachusetts: Cambridge Institutes Press; 2015, 2015
Authors:  BIN YANG
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Reshaping the Jātaka Stories: from Jātakas to Avadānas and Praṇidhānas in Paintings at Kucha and Turfan Journal article
Buddhist studies review, 2012,Volume: 29,Issue: 1,Page: 57-83
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Jataka Stories  Avadana  Pranidhana  Kucha  Turfan  Buddhist Art  
The Bengal Connections in Yunnan Journal article
China Report, 2012,Volume: 48,Issue: 1-2,Page: 125-145
Authors:  Yang Bin
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Cowrie Currency,  Southern Silk Road,  Yunnan,  Bay Of Bengal,  Southeast Asia,  Buddhism  
Review of Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road Journal article
Journal of World History, 2011,Volume: 22,Issue: 4,Page: 825-828
Authors:  YANG BIN
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Knowledge Acquisition Under Guanxi: A Multilevel Analysis of Governmental Relationships and Business Networks Effect on the Learning-Performance Relationship in China Conference paper
Proceedings of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business "From the Silk Road to Global Networks: Harnessing the Power of People in International Busines", Beijing, China, June 23-26, 2006
Authors:  Xiaoyun Chen;  Joseph C. Miller
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Horses, Silver, Cowries: Yunnan in a Global Perspective Journal article
Journal of World History, 2004,Volume: 15,Issue: 3,Page: 281-322
Authors:  BIN YANG
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