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SeqViews2SeqLabels: Learning 3D global features via aggregating sequential views by RNN with attention Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2019,Volume: 28,Issue: 2,Page: 658-672
Authors:  Han Z.;  Shang M.;  Liu Z.;  Vong C.-M.;  Liu Y.-S.;  Zwicker M.;  Han J.;  Chen C.L.P.
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3d Feature Learning  Attention  Rnn  Sequential Labels  Sequential Views  View Aggregation  
The effect of non-rigid misregistration in sequential quantitative SPECT for targeted radionuclide therapy - A simulation study Conference paper
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record
Authors:  Mok G.S.P.;  Ao E.C.I.;  Song N.;  Frey E.C.
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The Effect of Non-rigid Mis-registration in Sequential Quantitative SPECT for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy - a Simulation Study Conference paper
2012 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference Record (NSS/MIC), Anaheim, CA, USA, 27 Oct.-3 Nov. 2012
Authors:  Greta S. P. Mok;  Edwin C. I. Ao;  Na Song;  Eric C. Frey
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