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Construction and Characterization of Single-chain Variable Fragment Antibody Library Derived from Germline Rearranged Immunoglobulin Variable Genes Journal article
PLOS ONE, 2011,Volume: 6,Issue: 11
Authors:  Man Cheng;  Shirley Y. W. Chan;  Qi Zhao;  Elaine Y. M. Chan;  Shannon W. N. Au;  Susanna S. T. Lee;  Wing-Tai Cheung
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A chimeric multi-epitope DNA vaccine elicited specific antibody response against severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus which attenuated the virulence of SARS-CoV in vitro Journal article
Immunology Letters, 2008,Volume: 119,Issue: 1-2,Page: 71-77
Authors:  Wang X.;  Xu W.;  Tong D.;  Ni J.;  Gao H.;  Wang Y.;  Chu Y.;  Li P.;  Yang X.;  Xiong S.
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Antibody  DNA vaccine  Epitope  Prime-boost  SARS-CoV  
Serum proteomic fingerprints of adult patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome Journal article
Clinical Chemistry, 2006,Volume: 52,Issue: 3,Page: 421-429
Authors:  Pang R.T.K.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Chan K.C.A.;  Lee N.L.S.;  Chiu R.W.K.;  Tong Y.-K.;  Wong R.M.Y.;  Chim S.S.C.;  Ngai S.M.;  Sung J.J.Y.;  Lo Y.M.D.
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Cross-reactivity of antibody against SARS-coronavirus nucleocapsid protein with IL-11 Journal article
Authors:  Man Cheng;  Ceci W.L.Chan;  Randy C.F.Cheung;  Rama Kamesh Bikkavilli;  Qi Zhao;  Shannon W.N.Au;  Paul K.S.Chan;  Susanna S.T.Lee;  Gregory Cheng;  Walter K.K.Ho;  Wing-Tai Cheung
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Antibody  Interleukin 11  Nucleocapsid Protein  Phage-display  Sars-coronavirus  Scfv  
Construction and expression of SARS-CoV gene recombinant plasmids Journal article
Chinese Journal of Microbiology and Immunology, 2004,Volume: 24,Issue: 5,Page: 397-399
Authors:  Wang Y.;  Wang X.-L.;  Zeng Z.;  Tian G.;  Zhou H.;  Zhao G.-Y.;  Shi X.-F.;  Luo D.-Y.
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Expression  M, N, S, E proteins  Recombinant plasmid  SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV)