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Dirichlet Process Hidden Markov Multiple Change-point Model Journal article
Bayesian Analysis, 2015,Volume: 10,Issue: 2,Page: 275–296
Authors:  Ko, Stanley I. M.;  Chong, Terence T. L.;  Ghosh, Pulak
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Nonparametric Bayesian  Change-point  Dirichlet Process  Hidden Markov Model  Markov Chain Monte Carlo  
SARS Versus the Asian Financial Crisis Book chapter
出自: Harmony versus Conflict in Asian Business, London:Palgrave Macmillan, 2007, 页码: 209-230
Authors:  Oliver H.M. Yau;  W.F. Leung;  Fanny S.L. Cheung;  Cheris W.C. Chow
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Gross Domestic Product  Financial Crisis  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome  Real Gross Domestic Product  
A cointegration approach to the price dynamics of private housing A Singapore case study Journal article
Journal of Property Investment & Finance, 1999,Volume: 17,Issue: 1,Page: 35-60
Authors:  David Ho Kim Hin;  Javier Calero Cuervo
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Cointegration  Housing (Domestic Property)  Singapore