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A genealogy of business and politics in Hong Kong Book chapter
出自: Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Hong Kong, London:Routledge, 2018
Authors:  Tak-Wing Ngo
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Crime and Justice in Contemporary Japan Book
New York:Springer, 2017
Authors:  Jianhong Liu;  Setsuo Miyazawa
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Subnational institutions, political capital, and the internationalization of entrepreneurial firms in emerging economies Journal article
Journal of World Business, 2016,Volume: 51,Issue: 5,Page: 843-854
Authors:  Xufei Ma;  Zhujun Ding;  Lin Yuan
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Institutional Theory  Subnational Institutional Environment  Political Capital  Internationalization  Entrepreneurial Firms  Emerging Economies  
Scintillant Cities: Glass Architecture, Finance Capital, and the Fictions of Macau’s Enclave Urbanism Journal article
Theory, Culture & Society, 2013,Volume: 30,Issue: 7-8,Page: 343-371
Authors:  Tim Simpson
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Architecture  Benjamin  Castells  China  Finance  Post-fordism  Urbanism  
Effects of Financial Liberalisation and Political Connection on Listed Chinese Firms' Financing Constraints Journal article
The World Economy, 2012,Volume: 35,Issue: 4,Page: 483-499
Authors:  Kenneth S. Chan;  Vinh Q. T. Dang;  Isabel K. M. Yan
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Casino Colony Journal article
new left review, 2008,Issue: 50,Page: 109-124
Authors:  liu shih-diing
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Globalization and the Environment: Evidence from China Journal article
The Business Review, 2007,Volume: 7,Issue: 2
Authors:  Yang Zhang;  Xiuli Yang
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