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Parent-Child Number Application Activities Predict Children’s Math Trajectories From Preschool to Primary School Journal article
Journal of educational psychology, 2020,Volume: 112,Issue: 8,Page: 1521-1531
Authors:  Xiao Zhang;  Bi Ying Hu;  Xinzhuo Zou;  Lixin Ren
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Application  Home Math Activities  Math Learning  Parental Involvement  
Reciprocal Effects Among Parental Homework Support, Effort, and Achievement? An Empirical Investigation Journal article
Authors:  Jianzhong Xu;  Jianxia Du;  Shengtian Wu;  Hailey Ripple;  Amanda Cosgriff
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Achievement  Autonomy  Effort  Parental Homework Support  Parent Involvement  
The relation between perceived parental involvement and academic achievement: The roles of Taiwanese students' academic beliefs and filial piety Journal article
International Journal of Psychology, 2012,Volume: 47,Issue: 4,Page: 315-324
Authors:  Wei‐Wen Chen;  Hsiu‐Zu Ho
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Academic Achievement  Academic Beliefs  Filial Piety  Parental Involvement  Taiwanese Society  
Testing Mediation Using Multiple Regression and Structural Equation Modeling Analyses in Secondary Data Journal article
Evaluation Review, 2011,Volume: 35,Issue: 3,Page: 240-268
Authors:  Spencer D. Li
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Indirect Effect  Multiple Regression  Structural Equation Modeling  Parent Involvement  Religion  
Parent Involvement: Voices of Taiwanese Fathers. Journal article
International Journal about Parents in Education, 2011,Volume: 5,Issue: 2,Page: 35-42
Authors:  Hsiu-Zu Ho;  Connie N. Tran;  Chu-Ting Ko;  Jessica M. Phillips;  Alma Boutin-Martinez;  Carol N. Dixon;  Wei-Wen Chen
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Father Involvement  Parenting Responsibilities  Gender Roles  Taiwanese Society  Generational Changes  Qualitative Research