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Recombinant human PDCD5 sensitizes chondrosarcomas to cisplatin chemotherapy in vitro and in vivo Journal article
Apoptosis, 2010,Volume: 15,Issue: 7,Page: 805-813
Authors:  Chen C.;  Zhou H.;  Xu L.;  Xu D.;  Wang Y.;  Zhang Y.;  Liu X.;  Liu Z.;  Ma D.;  Ma Q.;  Chen Y.
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Antitumor activity  Apoptosis  Chondrosarcoma  Cisplatin  PDCD5  
Potent antitumor activities of recombinant human PDCD5 protein in combination with chemotherapy drugs in K562 cells Journal article
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2010,Volume: 396,Issue: 2,Page: 224-230
Authors:  Shi L.;  Song Q.;  Zhang Y.;  Lou Y.;  Wang Y.;  Tian L.;  Zheng Y.;  Ma D.;  Ke X.;  Wang Y.
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Antitumor  Chemotherapy  In vivo  K562  rhPDCD5 protein  
Recombinant human PDCD5 protein enhances chemosensitivities of hematologic malignancies Journal article
Chinese Science Bulletin, 2009,Volume: 54,Issue: 21,Page: 3981-3989
Authors:  Wang Y.F.;  Shi L.;  Song Q.S.;  Zhang Y.M.;  Lou Y.X.;  Zheng Y.;  Ma D.L.;  Wang Y.;  Ke X.Y.
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Apoptosis  Chemosensitivity  Chemotherapy  Hematologic malignancies  PDCD5  
PDCD5 interacts with ti|i60 and functions as a cooperator in acetyltransferase activity and dima damage- induced apoptosis1 2 Journal article
Neoplasia, 2009,Volume: 11,Issue: 4,Page: 345-354
Authors:  Xu L.;  Chen Y.;  Song Q.;  Xu D.;  Wang Y.;  Ma D.
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Studies on interactions of programmed cell death 5 (PDCD5) and its related peptides with heparin by capillary zone electrophoresis Journal article
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2007,Volume: 387,Issue: 3,Page: 909-916
Authors:  Ling X.;  Liu Y.;  Fan H.;  Zhong Y.;  Li D.;  Wang Y.
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Capillary zone electrophoresis  Heparin  PDCD5  Tat-NBD  VV8  
Two single-nucleotide polymorphisms with linkage disequilibrium in the human programmed cell death 5 gene 5′ regulatory region affect promoter activity and the susceptibility of chronic myelogenous leukemia in Chinese population Journal article
Clinical Cancer Research, 2005,Volume: 11,Issue: 24,Page: 8592-8599
Authors:  Ma X.;  Ruan G.;  Wang Y.;  Li Q.;  Zhu P.;  Qin Y.-Z.;  Li J.-L.;  Liu Y.-R.;  Ma D.;  Zhao H.
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Expression of PDCD5, a novel apoptosis related protein, in human osteoarthritic cartilage Journal article
Acta Pharmacologica Sinica, 2004,Volume: 25,Issue: 5,Page: 685-690
Authors:  Cheng A.-X.;  Lou S.-Q.;  Zhou H.-W.;  Wang Y.;  Ma D.-L.
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Apoptosis  Cartilage  Osteoarthritis  PDCD5  
The 5′-upstream region of human programmed cell death 5 gene contains a highly active TATA-less promoter that is up-regulated by etoposide Journal article
Gene, 2004,Volume: 329,Issue: 1-2,Page: 39-49
Authors:  Xu M.;  Cheng N.;  Gui L.;  Lai M.;  Wang Y.;  Xia D.;  Rui M.;  Zhang Y.;  Ma D.
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5′-Upstream region  Apoptosis  Etoposide  kb  Kilobase(s)  PDCD5  Phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride  PMSF  Programmed cell death 5  Reverse transcription  RT  
An alternative form of paraptosis-like cell death, triggered by TAJ/TROY and enhanced by PDCD5 overexpression Journal article
Journal of Cell Science, 2004,Volume: 117,Issue: 8,Page: 1525-1532
Authors:  Wang Y.;  Li X.;  Wang L.;  Ding P.;  Zhang Y.;  Han W.;  Ma D.
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Non-apoptotic  Paraptosis  PDCD5  TAJ/TROY  TFAR19