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On some generalizations of an Ostrowski-Grüss type integral inequality Journal article
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2014,Volume: 229,Page: 239-244
Authors:  Wang Z.;  Vong S.
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Error Bound  Numerical Integration  Ostrowski-grüss Inequality  
On some Ostrowski-like type inequalities involving n knots Journal article
Applied Mathematics Letters, 2013,Volume: 26,Issue: 2,Page: 296-300
Authors:  Wang Z.;  Vong S.
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Error Bound  Numerical Integration  Ostrowski Inequality  
A note on some Ostrowski-like type inequalities Journal article
Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 2011,Volume: 62,Issue: 1,Page: 532-535
Authors:  Vong S.W.
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Error  Inequality  Numerical Integration  Ostrowski  Taylor