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Top Management Team Surface-Level Diversity, Strategic Change, and Long-Term Firm Performance: A Mediated Model Investigation Journal article
Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 2019,Volume: 26,Issue: 3,Page: 304-318
Authors:  Jie Wu;  Orlando C. Richard;  Xinhe Zhang;  Craig Macaulay
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Age Diversity  Gender Diversity  Generational Differences International Diversification  Mediated Models  National Culture Diversity  Strategic Change  Top Management Team Heterogeneity  
Organizational citizenship behavior in work groups: A team cultural perspective Journal article
JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, 2013,Volume: 34,Issue: 7,Page: 1039-1056
Authors:  Jennifer Y. M. Lai;  Long W. Lam;  Simon S. K. Lam
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Performance Appraisal  Organizational Citizenship Behavior  Team Culture  Collectivism  Individualism  
Cultivating local knowledge: Agency, power and culture Conference paper
proceedings of International Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC), Valencia, Spain, 2012
Authors:  Mak, C.;  Hong, J.;  Snell, R.
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Factors Influencing Work Efficiency in China Journal article
Advances in Applied Sociology, 2011,Volume: 1,Issue: 1,Page: 53-63
Authors:  Wei Wei;  Robert J. Taormina
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Chinese Culture  Conflict Handling  Compromising  Work Efficiency  
Making Friends, Making Money: Macau’s Traditional VIP Casino System Book chapter
出自: Global gambling : cultural perspectives on gambling organizations, New York:Routledge, 2009, 页码: 113-143
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Organizational socialization: The missing link between employee needs and organizational culture Journal article
Journal of Managerial Psychology, 2009,Volume: 24,Issue: 7,Page: 650-676
Authors:  Robert J. Taormina
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Employee Behaviour  Organizational Culture  Socialization  
Human resource flexibility, organizational culture and firm performance: an investigation of multinational firms in Hong Kong Journal article
The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2008,Volume: 19,Issue: 9,Page: 1654-1666
Authors:  Hang-Yue Ngo;  Raymond Loi
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Adaptability Culture  Firm Performance  Hong Kong  Human Resource Flexibility  Multinational Corporations  
Power Inequality in Cross-cultural Learning: The Case of Japanese Transplants in China Journal article
Asia Pacific Business Review, 2008,Volume: 14,Issue: 2,Page: 253–273
Authors:  Jacky F. L. Hong;  Robin S. Snell
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China  Cross-cultural Management  Japan  Organizational Learning  Power  Social Construction Perspective  
A Comparison of Work Enthusiasm and Its Antecedents Across Two Chinese Cultures Journal article
Journal of Asia Business Studies, 2008,Volume: 2,Issue: 2,Page: 13-22
Authors:  Robert J. Taormina;  Jennifer H. Gao
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Organizational Socialization  China  Work Enthusiasm  Culture  
Interrelating leadership behaviors, organizational socialization, and organizational culture Journal article
Leadership & organization development journal, 2008,Volume: 29,Issue: 1,Page: 85-102
Authors:  Robert J. Taormina
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China  Leadership  Organizational Culture  Socialization