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Consumer decision support systems for novice buyers – a design science approach Journal article
Information Systems Frontiers, 2017,Volume: 19,Issue: 4,Page: 881-897
Authors:  Tang,Heng;  Lee,Chang Boon Patrick;  Choong,Kwee Keong
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Cognitive Fit Theory  Consumer Decision Support Systems  Design Science  Opinion Mining  
Fuzzy Aspect Based Opinion Classification System for Mining Tourist Reviews Journal article
Advances in Fuzzy Systems, 2016,Volume: 2016
Authors:  Afzaal M.;  Usman M.;  Fong A.C.M.;  Fong S.;  Zhuang Y.
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Sentiment Anlaysis of Online News using MALLET Conference paper
Proceedings - 2013 International Symposium on Computational and Business Intelligence, ISCBI 2013, New Delhi, India, 24-26 Aug. 2013
Authors:  Simon Fong;  Yan Zhuang;  Jinyan Li;  Richard Khoury
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Mallet  Sentiment Analysis  Text Mining  
Opinion Mining over Twitterspace: Classifying Tweets Programmatically using the R Approach Conference paper
7th International Conference on Digital Information Management, ICDIM 2012, Macau, China, 22-24 Aug. 2012
Authors:  Jinan Fiaidhi;  Osama Mohammed;  Sabah Mohammed;  Simon Fong;  Tai hoon Kim
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Classification Algorithms  Data Mining  Sentiment Analysis  Twitter  
Mining product features from online reviews Conference paper
Proceedings - 2010 IEEE 7th International Conference on E-Business Engineering, Shanghai, China, 10-12 Nov. 2010
Authors:  Weishu Hu;  Zhiguo Gong;  Jingzhi Guo
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Sentiment Classification  Text Mining  
Building Comparative Product Relation, Maps by Mining Consumer Opinions on the Web Conference paper
Proceedings of the 15th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2009, San Francisco, California, USA, August 6-9, 2009
Authors:  Kaiquan Xu;  Stephen Shaoyi Liao;  Raymond Y.K. Lau;  Heng Tang;  Shanshan Wang
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Chemical genetics for therapeutic target mining Journal article
EXPERT OPINION ON THERAPEUTIC TARGETS, 2004,Volume: 8,Issue: 6,Page: 653-661
Authors:  Joong Sup Shim;  Ho Jeong Kwon
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Angiogenesis  Chemical Genetics  Functional Genomics  Target Identification