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Elevated Exogenous Pyruvate Potentiates Mesodermal Differentiation through Metabolic Modulation and AMPK/mTOR Pathway in Human Embryonic Stem Cells Journal article
STEM CELL REPORTS, 2019,Volume: 13,Issue: 2,Page: 338-351
Authors:  Chengcheng Song;  Faxiang Xu;  Zhili Ren;  Yumeng Zhang;  Ya Meng;  Yiqi Yang;  Shreyas Lingadahalli;  Edwin Cheung;  Gang Li;  Weiwei Liu;  Jianbo Wan;  Yang Zhao;  Guokai Chen
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Hescs  Pyruvate  Bmp4  Glycolysis  Tca Cycle  Ampk  Wnt  Metabolism  Mesoderm  Differentiation  
Decoding the role of TET family dioxygenases in lineage specification Journal article
Authors:  Xinwei Wu;  Gang Li;  Ruiyu Xie
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Lineage Specification  Tet  Enhancer  Bivalent Promoter  5mc  5hmc  
Snail1-dependent control of embryonic stem cell pluripotency and lineage commitment Journal article
Nature Communications, 2014,Volume: 5
Authors:  Lin Y.;  Li X.-Y.;  Willis A.L.;  Liu C.;  Chen G.;  Weiss S.J.
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Transmembrane protein 198 promotes LRP6 phosphorylation and Wnt signaling activation Journal article
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2011,Volume: 31,Issue: 13,Page: 2577-2590
Authors:  Liang J.;  Fu Y.;  Cruciat C.-M.;  Jia S.;  Wang Y.;  Tong Z.;  Tao Q.;  Ingelfinger D.;  Boutros M.;  Meng A.;  Wu C.N.
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FoxD5 mediates anterior-posterior polarity through upstream modulator Fgf signaling during zebrafish somitogenesis Journal article
DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, 2009,Volume: 336,Issue: 2,Page: 232-245
Authors:  Lee, HC;  Tseng, WA;  Lo, FY;  Liu, TM;  Tsai, HJ
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Foxd5  Zebrafish  Somitogenesis  Fgf  
Histone acetylation is a checkpoint in FGF-stimulated mesoderm induction Journal article
Developmental Dynamics, 2000,Volume: 218,Issue: 4,Page: 628-635
Authors:  Ren‐He Xu;  Ying Peng;  Jing Fan;  Donghong Yan;  Satoshi Yamagoe;  Gerald Princler;  Dvora Sredni;  Keiko Ozato;  Hsiang‐Fu Kung
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Acetylation  Activator Protein 1  Embryo  Fgf  Histone  Mesoderm  Trichostatin a  Xenopus  
Transcriptional regulation of BMP-4 in the Xenopus embryo: Analysis of genomic BMP-4 and its promoter Journal article
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 1998,Volume: 250,Issue: 2,Page: 516-530
Authors:  JaebongKim;  Katherine TidmanAult;  Hung-DarChen;  Ren-HeXu;  Dong-HyunRoh;  Marie C.Lin;  Mae-JaPark;  Hsiang-FuKung
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The homeobox gene PV. 1 Mediates specification of the prospective neural ectoderm in Xenopus embryos Journal article
Developmental Biology, 1997,Volume: 192,Issue: 1,Page: 162-171
Authors:  Katherine TidmanAult;  Ren-HeXu;  Hsiang-FuKung;  MilanJamrich
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Bmp4  Homeobox Gene  Neural Induction