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Resonant Dipolar Coupling of Microwaves with Confined Acoustic Vibrations in a Rod-shaped Virus Journal article
Authors:  Sun, Chi-Kuang;  Tsai, Yi-Chun;  Chen, Yi-Jan E.;  Liu, Tzu-Ming;  Chen, Hui-Yuan;  Wang, Han-Ching;  Lo, Chu-Fang
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AFC-ECG: An Adaptive Fuzzy ECG Classifier Conference paper
Advances in Soft Computing, ELECTR NETWORK, SEP 18-OCT 06, 2006
Authors:  Wai Kei Lei;  Bing Nan Li;  Ming Chui Dong;  Mang I Vai
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Ecg Classifier  Fuzzy Sets  Health Prognosis  Medical Advisory System  
Pulse Signal Monitoring and Analysis for Home Healthcare Conference paper
Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE-EMBS International Summer School and Symposium on Medical Devices and Biosensors, ISSS-MDBS 2006, Cambridge, MA, USA, 4-6 Sept. 2006
Authors:  Bing Nan Li;  Ming Chui Dong;  Mang I Vai
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Cardiovascular System  Home Health Monitoring  Medical Advisory Systems  Pulse Signal Analysis  
The Applications of Soft Computing in Embedded Medical Advisory Systems for Pervasive Health Monitoring Conference paper
Applied Soft Computing Technologies: The Challenge of Complexity, ELECTR NETWORK, SEP 20-OCT 08, 2004
Authors:  Bing-Nan LI;  Ming-Chui Dong;  Vai Mang I
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Medical Advisory System  Temporal Fuzzy  Weighted Rules  Health Monitoring  
A novel intelligent sphygmogram analyzer for health monitoring of cardiovascular system Journal article
Expert systems with applications, 2005,Volume: 28,Issue: 4,Page: 693-700
Authors:  Bing Nan Li;  Ming-Chui Dong;  Vai Mang I;  Mak Peng Un
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Embedded Systems  Health Monitoring  Medical Advisory System  Sphygmogram Analyzer