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Label-free sensing of pH and silver nanoparticles using an OR logic gate Journal article
Analytica Chimica Acta, 2012,Volume: 733,Page: 78
作者:  Ma D.-L.;  He H.-Z.;  Ma V.P.Y.;  Chan D.S.H.;  Leung K.-H.;  Zhong H.-J.;  Lu L.;  Mergny J.-L.;  Leung C.-H.
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Label-free detection  Logic gate  Luminescent probe  Platinum(II) complex  Silver nanoparticle  
Cyber security and privacy issues in smart grids Journal article
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2012,Volume: 14,Issue: 4,Page: 981
作者:  Liu J.;  Xiao Y.;  Li S.;  Liang W.;  Chen C.L.P.
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Accountability  Ami  Privacy  Scada  Security  Smart Grid  
A real-time heart beat detector and quantitative investigation based on FPGA Conference paper
Asia Pacific Conference on Postgraduate Research in Microelectronics and Electronics, Macau, China, 6-7 Oct. 2011
作者:  Dong C.;  Ieong C.I.;  Vai M.I.;  Mak P.U.;  Mak P.I.;  Wan F.
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Crystal violet as a fluorescent switch-on probe for i-motif: Label-free DNA-based logic gate Journal article
Analyst, 2011,Volume: 136,Issue: 13,Page: 2692-2696
作者:  Ma D.-L.;  Kwan M.H.-T.;  Chan D.S.-H.;  Lee P.;  Yang H.;  Ma V.P.-Y.;  Bai L.-P.;  Jiang Z.-H.;  Leung C.-H.
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80Cl96MC Microcontroller-based Inverter Motor Control And IR2130 Six-output IGBT Driver Conference paper
IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference, IEMDC 1999 - Proceedings, Seattle, WA, United states, 5 9, 1999 - 5 12, 1999
作者:  Tang, Yiliang;  Cui, Wenjin;  Xie, Xiaorong;  Han, Yingduo;  Wong, Man-Chung
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