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Departure processes and busy periods of a tandem network Journal article
OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, 2011,Volume: 11,Issue: 3,Page: 245-257
Authors:  Zhaotong Lian;  Ning Zhao
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Tandem Network  Level-dependent Qbd  Departure Process  Imap  Busy Period  
A Joining Shortest Queue with MAP Inputs Conference paper
Lecture Notes in Operations Research 8, Operations Research Society of China Zhangjiajie, China, 2009.9.20-22
Authors:  Zhaotong Lian;  Wenhui Zhou;  Baohe Su
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Shortest Queue  Map  Level-expanding  Sojourn Time  Busy Period  
A tandem network with MAP inputs Journal article
Operations research letters, 2008,Volume: 36,Issue: 2,Page: 189-195
Authors:  Zhaotong Lian;  Liming Liu
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Tandem Network  Qbd  Level-dependent  Level-expanding  Dreb Method  Network Sojourn Time  
Departure Processes of a Tandem Network Conference paper
Lecture Notes in Operations Research 8, Lijiang, PEOPLES R CHINA, 2008.10.31-11.3
Authors:  Zhaotong Lian;  Ning Zhao;  Liming Liu
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Tandem Network  Level-dependent Qbd  Departure Process  Imap  
Discriminatory Processor Sharing Queues and the DREB Method Journal article
STOCHASTIC MODELS, 2008,Volume: 24,Issue: 1,Page: 19-40
Authors:  Z. Lian;  X. Liu,;  L. Liu
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Dimensions Reduction  Level-dependent  Multi-dimensional Qbd  Priority Queues  Sojourn Time  Discriminatory Processor Sharing  Dreb Method  Joint Queue Length