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Prediction of overall tension behavior of short fiber-reinforced composites Journal article
International Journal of Solids and Structures, 1999,Volume: 36,Issue: 27,Page: 4071-4087
作者:  Li Z.;  Mu B.;  Chang T.Y.P.;  Hsu C.-T.
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Mechanical properties of the aggregate and cement interface Journal article
Advanced Cement Based Materials, 1995,Volume: 2,Issue: 6,Page: 211-223
作者:  Aquino M.J.;  Li Z.;  Shah S.P.
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Aggregate  Debonding  Fracture  Interface  Latex  Microstructure  Push-out  Silica fume  Surface energy  
Matrix cracking and interface debonding in fiber-reinforced cement-matrix composites Journal article
Advanced Cement Based Materials, 1993,Volume: 1,Issue: 2,Page: 55-66
作者:  Shao Y.;  Li Z.;  Shah S.P.
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Cement-matrix composites  Interface debonding  Interface shear stress  Interfacial zone  Matrix contribution  Matrix cracking  Matrix strain localization  Moire interferometry  
Multiple fracture of fiber-reinforced brittle matrix composites based on micromechanics Journal article
Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 1992,Volume: 43,Issue: 4,Page: 561-579
作者:  Li S.H.;  Li Z.;  Mura T.;  Shah S.P.
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Studies of the interfacial properties of fiber reinforced cement Conference paper
Mechanics Computing in 1990's and Beyond
作者:  Shah S.P.;  Li Z.
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Pullout problem: Stress versus fracture mechanical approach Journal article
Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 1990,Volume: 116,Issue: 10,Page: 2136-2150
作者:  Stang H.;  Li Z.;  Shah S.P.
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