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Customers’ needs satisfaction: A scale validation with refinement in the integrated resort setting Journal article
International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2019,Volume: 82,Page: 39-47
Authors:  Ahn,Jiseon;  Back,Ki Joon;  Choe,Yeongbae
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Cross-cultural study  Eudaimonic well-being  Hedonic well-being  Integrated resort  Needs satisfaction  Scale validation  
Antecedents and Performance Consequences of Integrated Brand Management in China: An Exploratory Study Journal article
Journal of Global Marketing, 2011,Volume: 24,Issue: 2,Page: 167-180
Authors:  Xiaoyun Chen;  Long W. Lam;  Huan Zou
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Integrated Brand Management  China  Top Management Emphasis  Corporate Supportive Resources  Transitional Economy