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CD133 in brain tumor: The prognostic factor Journal article
Oncotarget, 2017,Volume: 8,Issue: 7,Page: 11144-11159
Authors:  Li B.;  McCrudden C.M.;  Yuen H.F.;  Xi X.;  Lyu P.;  Chan K.W.;  Zhang S.D.;  Kwok H.F.
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Brain Tumor  Cd133  Hox  Lim2  Stem Cell  
Regulation of the Caenorhabditis elegans posterior Hox gene egl-5 by microRNA and the polycomb-like gene sop-2 Journal article
Developmental Dynamics, 2009,Volume: 238,Issue: 3,Page: 595-603
Authors:  Zhang H.;  Emmons S.W.
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Gene Regulation  Hox Gene  Microrna  Polycomb Protein  Transcription  
Non-canonical functions of hunchback in segment patterning of the intermediate germ cricket Gryllus bimaculatus Journal article
Development, 2005,Volume: 132,Issue: 9,Page: 2069-2079
Authors:  Mito T.;  Sarashina I.;  Zhang H.;  Iwahashi A.;  Okamoto H.;  Miyawaki K.;  Shinmyo Y.;  Ohuchi H.;  Noji S.
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Gap Gene  Gryllus Bimaculatus  Hunchback  Intermediate Germ Insect  Orthoptera  Rnai  Segmentation