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Ophiopogon japonicus-A phytochemical, ethnomedicinal and pharmacological review Journal article
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2016,Volume: 181,Page: 193-213
作者:  Chen MH;  Chen XJ;  Wang M;  Lin LG;  Wang YT
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Ethnopharmacology  Pharmacology  Phytochemistry  Quality Control  Ophiopogon Japonicus  
Naturally occurring homoisoflavonoids and their pharmacological activities Journal article
Planta Medica, 2014,Volume: 80,Issue: 13,Page: 1053-1066
作者:  Lin, Li-Gen;  Liu, Qian-Yu;  Ye, Yang
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Homoisoflavonoids  Phytochemistry  Biosynthesis  Pharmacological Activities  
Chemical constituents from the heartwood of Haematoxylon campechianum as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors Journal article
Chemistry and Biodiversity, 2014,Volume: 11,Issue: 5,Page: 776
作者:  Lin L.-G.;  Xie H.;  Wang Y.-T.;  Ding J.;  Ye Y.
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Epihematoxylol b  Haematoxylon Campechianum  Hematoxylol b, 10-o-methyl-  Homoisoflavonoids  Kinase Insert Domain Receptor (Kdr)  Protein Tyrosine Kinases (Ptks)  
Naturally occurring homoisoflavonoids function as potent protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors by c-Src-based high-throughput screening Journal article
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2008,Volume: 51,Issue: 15,Page: 4419-4429
作者:  Lin L.-G.;  Xie H.;  Li H.-L.;  Tong L.-J.;  Tang C.-P.;  Ke C.-Q.;  Liu Q.-F.;  Lin L.-P.;  Geng M.-Y.;  Jiang H.;  Zhao W.-M.;  Ding J.;  Ye Y.
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