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Influence of calcium sulfate state and fineness of cement on hydration of Portland cements using electrical measurement Journal article
Journal Wuhan University of Technology, Materials Science Edition, 2006,Volume: 21,Issue: 4,Page: 141-145
Authors:  Wei X.;  Li Z.;  Xiao L.;  Thong W.
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Electrical resistivity  False setting  Fineness  Hydration  
High early strength magnesium phosphosilicate cement Journal article
Cailiao Yanjiu Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Materials Research, 2006,Volume: 20,Issue: 2,Page: 141-147
Authors:  Ding Z.;  Li Z.
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Hydration mechanism  Inorganic non-metallic materials  Magnesia phosphate cement  Mechanical properties  
High-early-strength magnesium phosphate cement with fly ash Journal article
ACI Materials Journal, 2005,Volume: 102,Issue: 6,Page: 375-381
Authors:  Ding Z.;  Li Z.
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Fly ash  Strength  Test