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Electroless Plating of Graphene Aerogel Fibers for Electrothermal and Electromagnetic Applications Journal article
Langmuir, 2019,Volume: 35,Issue: 10,Page: 3814-3821
作者:  Wu X.;  Hong G.;  Zhang X.
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Comparative study of electroless copper deposition based on the seed layers of Pd, PtPd and AuPd Journal article
Applied Surface Science, 2009,Volume: 255,Issue: 6,Page: 3713-3718
作者:  Ma C.;  Ye W.;  Shi X.;  Chang Y.;  Chen Y.;  Wang C.
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Aupd Seed  Electroless Copper  Pd Seed  Ptpd Seed  
Controllable synthesis, characterization and microwave absorption properties of magnetic Ni1-xCoxP alloy nanoparticles attached on carbon nanotubes Journal article
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2008,Volume: 41,Issue: 12
作者:  Li Y.;  Zhu C.;  Wang C.
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Preparation, characterization and microwave absorption properties of electroless Ni-Co-P-coated SiC powder Journal article
Applied Surface Science, 2008,Volume: 254,Issue: 15,Page: 4708-4715
作者:  Li Y.;  Wang R.;  Qi F.;  Wang C.
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Complex relative dielectric permittivity  Complex relative magnetic permeability  Microstructure  Reflection loss  Silicon carbide  
Self-assembled synthesis of SERS-active silver dendrites and photoluminescence properties of a thin porous silicon layer Journal article
Electrochemistry Communications, 2008,Volume: 10,Issue: 4,Page: 625-629
作者:  Ye W.;  Shen C.;  Tian J.;  Wang C.;  Bao L.;  Gao H.
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Electroless deposition  Photoluminescence  Silver dendrites  Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)  Thin porous silicon  
Preparation of porous silicon microreactor components integrated with microheater and noble metal catalyst Journal article
Huagong Xuebao/Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering (China), 2008,Volume: 59,Issue: 2,Page: 354-358
作者:  Chang Y.;  Su X.;  Ma C.;  Wang C.
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Distributed production  Electroless deposition  Electroplating  Microheater  Microreactor  Monocrystal silicon  Porous silicon  
Preparation and characterization of nanodiamond cores coated with a thin Ni-Zn-P alloy film Journal article
Materials Characterization, 2008,Volume: 59,Issue: 2,Page: 108-111
作者:  Wang R.;  Ye W.;  Ma C.;  Wang C.
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Electroless deposition  Nanodiamond powders  Ni-Zn-P alloy thin film  
Comparative study of electrolessly deposited Pd/Ag films onto p-silicon (100)-activated seed layers of Ag and Pd Journal article
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 2007,Volume: 11,Issue: 9,Page: 1347-1351
作者:  Ye W.;  Li Y.;  Yang B.;  Wang C.
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Deposition  Electroless  Hydrogen evolution  Silicon•seed  
Electroless deposition of NiP film on p-Si(100) and its property study Journal article
Nanjing Hangkong Hangtian Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2007,Volume: 39,Issue: 3,Page: 343-348
作者:  Tong H.;  Wang C.;  Li H.
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Electroless  NiP films  p-Si  Photocatalytic activity  Property study  
Study of the electroless silver seed formation on silicon surface Journal article
Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2007,Volume: 25,Issue: 2,Page: 208-212
作者:  Tong H.;  Wang C.-M.;  Ye W.-C.;  Chang Y.-L.;  Li H.-L.
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Electroless  Monolayer  Silicon  Silver Seed