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Properties improvement of fly ash cenosphere modified cement pastes using nano silica Journal article
CEMENT & CONCRETE COMPOSITES, 2017,Volume: 81,Page: 35-48
Authors:  Hanif, Asad;  Parthasarathy, Pavithra;  Ma, Hongyan;  Fan, Tianyuan;  Li, Zongjin
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Cement paste  Fly ash cenosphere  Nano silica  Microstructure  Thermal analysis  Porosity  BET analysis  
Investigation on electrically conductive aggregates produced by incorporating carbon fiber and carbon black Journal article
Construction and Building Materials, 2017,Volume: 144,Page: 106-114
Authors:  Chen B.;  Li B.;  Gao Y.;  Ling T.-C.;  Lu Z.;  Li Z.
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Carbon black  Carbon fiber  Conductive aggregate  Electrical resistivity  Pelletization  
Monitoring setting and hardening of concrete by active acoustic method: Effects of water-to-cement ratio and pozzolanic materials Journal article
Construction and Building Materials, 2015,Volume: 88,Page: 118-125
Authors:  Zhang J.;  Fan T.;  Ma H.;  Li Z.
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Active acoustic method  Attenuation coefficient  Fly ash Silica fume  Setting and hardening  Water-to-cement ratio  Wave velocity  
Effect of additives on properties of magnesium phosphosilicate cement Journal article
Advances in Cement Research, 2011,Volume: 23,Issue: 2,Page: 69-74
Authors:  Xing F.;  Ding Z.;  Li Z.-J.
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Study on the effects of fly ash in magnesium phosphate cement Journal article
Jianzhu Cailiao Xuebao/Journal of Building Materials, 2010,Volume: 13,Issue: 6,Page: 716-721
Authors:  Lin W.;  Sun W.;  Li Z.-J.
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Adsorption effect  Effect of fly ash  Fly ash  Magnesium phosphate cement  
Effect of PVA short fiber and fly ash on rheological and flexural behaviors of geopolymer composites Journal article
Fuhe Cailiao Xuebao/Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, 2008,Volume: 25,Issue: 6,Page: 166-174
Authors:  Zhang Y.;  Sun W.;  Li Z.
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Extrusion  Flexural behavior  Fly ash  Geopolymer  Microstructure  Short fiber  
Influence of alkaline on electrical resistivity, pore structure and microstructure of fly ash cement at hydration early age Journal article
Kuei Suan Jen Hsueh Pao/ Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 2008,Volume: 36,Issue: SUPPL.,Page: 170-175
Authors:  Li D.;  Zhu J.;  Li Z.
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Alkali-absorption  Cement  Early hydration  Electrical resistivity  Fly ash  Pore structure  
High-early-strength magnesium phosphate cement with fly ash Journal article
ACI Materials Journal, 2005,Volume: 102,Issue: 6,Page: 375-381
Authors:  Ding Z.;  Li Z.
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Fly ash  Strength  Test  
Study of high early strength cement based on fly ash, magnesia and phosphate Journal article
Materials Technology, 2005,Volume: 20,Issue: 3,Page: 136-141
Authors:  Zhu D.;  Zongjin L.
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Effect of aggregates and water contents on the properties of magnesium phospho-silicate cement Journal article
Cement and Concrete Composites, 2005,Volume: 27,Issue: 1,Page: 11-18
Authors:  Ding Z.;  Li Z.
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Aggregate  Fly ash  Magnesium phosphate cement  Microstructure  Water content