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Endogenous synthesis of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in fat-1 transgenic mice ameliorates streptozocin-induced diabetic nephropathy Journal article
JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS, 2018,Volume: 45,Page: 427-434
Authors:  Zhang, Yuan-Ming;  Zhang, Xiao-Hong;  Zhu, Pan;  Tan, Rong-Hui;  Zhao, Jin-Shun;  Wang, Feng;  Zhang, Jin-Jie;  Yan, Wang;  Xi, Yang;  Wan, Jian-Bo;  Kang, Jing-Xuan;  Zou, Zu-Quan;  Bu, Shi-Zhong
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Fat-1  N-3 Pufas  Nlrp3 Inflammasome  Lipid Mediators  E-cadherin  Diabetic Nephropathy  
Anti-cancer properties of terpenoids isolated from Rhizoma Curcumae - A review Journal article
JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, 2012,Volume: 143,Issue: 2,Page: 406-411
Authors:  Lu, JJ (Lu, Jin-Jian);  Dang, YY (Dang, Yuan-Ye);  Huang, M (Huang, Min);  Xu, WS (Xu, Wen-Shan);  Chen, XP (Chen, Xiu-Ping);  Wang, YT (Wang, Yi-Tao)
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Cell-cycle Arrest  Chromatography-mass-spectrometry  Human Lung-carcinoma  Breast-cancer Cells  Beta-elemene  Delta-elemene  In-vitro  D-galactosamine/lipopolysaccharide  Inhibitory-activity  Glioblastoma Cells  
The renin inhibitor aliskiren attenuates high-glucose induced extracellular matrix synthesis and prevents apoptosis in cultured podocytes Journal article
Nephron - Experimental Nephrology, 2011,Volume: 118,Issue: 3
Authors:  Phillips L.M.;  Wang Y.;  Dai T.;  Feldman D.L.;  LaPage J.;  Adler S.G.
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Aliskiren  Diabetic nephropathy  Extracellular matrix  High glucose  Podocytes  Renin inhibition  
Simvastatin protects diabetic rats against kidney injury through the suppression of renal matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression Journal article
Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, 2010,Volume: 33,Issue: 5,Page: 292-296
Authors:  Yao X.-M.;  Ye S.-D.;  Zai Z.;  Chen Y.;  Li X.-C.;  Yang G.-W.;  Wang Y.-X.;  Chen K.
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Diabetes mellitus  Diabetic nephropathy  Matrix metalloproteinase-9  Simvastatin  
Rosiglitazone protects diabetic rats against kidney injury through the suppression of renal matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression Journal article
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 2009,Volume: 11,Issue: 5,Page: 519-522
Authors:  Yao X.-M.;  Ye S.-D.;  Chen Y.;  Zai Z.-M.;  Li X.-C.;  Wang Y.-X.;  Chen K.
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Diabetes mellitus  Diabetic nephropathy  Matrix metalloproteinase-9  Rosiglitazone  
Rosiglitazone protects diabetic rats against kidney disease through the suppression of renal moncyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression Journal article
Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, 2009,Volume: 23,Issue: 2,Page: 124-129
Authors:  Zheng M.;  Ye S.;  Zhai Z.;  Chen Y.;  Li X.;  Yang G.;  Fan A.;  Wang Y.
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Diabetes mellitus  Diabetic mephropathy  Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1  Rosiglitazone  
Effect of rosiglitazone on expression and excretion of connective tissue growth factor in renal tissue and urinary of diabetic rats Journal article
Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin, 2007,Volume: 23,Issue: 9
Authors:  Chen W.;  Ye S.-D.;  Wang Y.-X.;  Hu W.;  Fan A.-H.;  Chen Y.;  Yang G.-W.;  Li X.-C.
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Connective tissue growth factor  Diabetic nephropathy  Rosiglitazone