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Enhanced nitrogen removal from sludge reject water by methanol addition using sequencing batch biofilm reactor Journal article
Desalination and Water Treatment, 2016,Volume: 57,Issue: 19,Page: 8730-8738
作者:  Hwang B;  Lu QH;  de Toledo RA;  Shim H
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Denitrification  Nitrification  Nitrogen Removal  Organic Carbon  Reject Water  Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor  
Biological nutrient removal in a full scale anoxic/anaerobic/aerobic/pre- anoxic-MBR plant for low C/N ratio municipal wastewater treatment Journal article
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014,Volume: 22,Issue: 4,Page: 447-454
作者:  Hu X;  Xie L;  Shim H;  Zhang SF;  Yang DH
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Biological Nutrient Removal  Low C/n Ratio Wastewater  Membrane Bioreactor  Denitrification  External Carbon Source  
Study on the Nitrogen Removal charateristics of Inverted A2/O-MBR Process to treat Low C/N Ratio Wastewater Journal article
Water & Wastewater Engineering, 2012,Volume: 38,Issue: 9,Page: 132-136
作者:  Cui Xinwei;  Xie Li;  Bi Ye;  Zhang Shanfa;  Yang Dianhai;  Shim H J
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Inverted A2/o—mbr Process  Low C/n Ratio  Nitrogen Removal  External Carbon Source  
Characteristics of denitrifying phosphate accumulating organisms in an anaerobic-intermittently aerobic process Journal article
Environmental Engineering Science, 2006,Volume: 23,Issue: 6,Page: 981-993
作者:  Chung J;  Kim Y;  Lee D-J;  Shim H;  Kim J-O
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AnAerobic-intermittently Aerobic Process  Denitrifying Phosphate Accumulating Organisms (Depaos)  Enhanced Biological Phosphate Removal (Ebpr)  Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (Fish)  
Kinetics of BTEX biodegradation by a coculture of Pseudomonas putida and Pseudomonas fluorescens under hypoxic conditions Journal article
Biodegradation, 2005,Volume: 16,Issue: 4,Page: 319-327
作者:  Shim H;  Hwang B;  Lee S-S;  Kong S-H
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Biodegradation  Btex  Coculture  Denitrification  Pseudomonas Fluorescens  Pseudomonas Putida  
Kinetics of BTEX biodegradation by a coculture of Pseudomonas putida and Pseudomonas fluorescens under hypoxic conditions Journal article
BIODEGRADATION, 2005,Volume: 16,Issue: 4,Page: 319-327
作者:  Hojae Shim;  Byungho Hwang;  Sang-Seob Lee;  Sung-Ho Kong
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Biodegradation  Btex  Coculture  Denitrification  Pseudomonas Fluorescens  Pseudomonas Putida  
Comparison of influence of free ammonia and dissolved oxygen on nitrate accumulation between suspended and attached cells Journal article
Environmental Technology, 2005,Volume: 26,Issue: 1,Page: 21-33
作者:  Chung J;  Shim H;  Lee YW;  Bae W
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Dissolved Oxygen  Free Ammonia  Maximum Specific SubstRate Utilization Rate  Shortcut Biological Nitrogen Removal