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Fault detection for LPV systems using Set-Valued Observers: A coprime factorization approach Journal article
SYSTEMS & CONTROL LETTERS, 2017,Volume: 106,Page: 32-39
Authors:  Silvestre, Daniel;  Rosa, Paulo;  Hespanha, Joao P.;  Silvestre, Carlos
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Fault detection  Linear parameter-varying  Coprime factorization  Deadbeat observers  
Dead-beat direct torque and flux control based on sliding-mode stator flux observer for PMSM in electric vehicles Conference paper
IECON 2015 - 41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Yokohama, 9-12 Nov. 2015
Authors:  Chen Y.;  Sun D.;  Lin B.;  Ching T.W.;  Li W.
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Dead-beat  Direct Torque Control  Electric Vehicle  Flux Observer  Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor  Sliding Mode  
Research on Controlling of Tri-level Shunt Power Quality Conditioner Conference paper
2000 IEEE Power Engineering Society, Conference Proceedings, Singapore, 23-27,1,2000
Authors:  Man-Chung Wong;  Chang-Jiang Zhan;  Yu Han;  Liang-Bing Zhao;  Ying-Duo Han
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Deadbeat Control  Harmonics  Imbalance  Power Quality  Reactive Power  Tri-level Converter  Voltage Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation  
Universal Custom Power Conditioner (UCPC) In Distribution Networks Conference paper
Power Electronics and Drive Systems, Hong Kong, 1999-7-27
Authors:  Zhan Changjiang;  Wong Manchung;  Han Yu;  Han Yingduo;  Zhao Liangbing
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