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Authority without authenticity: The Zhuangzi’s genuine pretending as socio-political strategy Journal article
Religions, 2018,Volume: 9,Issue: 12
Authors:  D’ambrosio,Paul;  Moeller,Hans Georg
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Authenticity  Authority  Daoism  Genuine pretending  Zhuangzi  
Rational Mysticism: Hegel on Magic and China Journal article
Journal of Chinese Philosophy, 2017,Volume: 44,Issue: 3-4,Page: 154-174
Authors:  Wenning,Mario
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Mysticism and Peace of Mind: Reflections on Tugendhat and Daoism Journal article
Frontiers of Philosophy in China, 2017,Volume: 12,Issue: 4,Page: 554-571
Authors:  Wenning,Mario
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Daoism  mysticism  peace of mind  perspectivism  Tugendhat  
On second-order observation and genuine pretending: Coming to terms with society Journal article
Thesis Eleven, 2017,Volume: 143,Issue: 1,Page: 28-43
Authors:  Moeller,Hans Georg
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Daoism  Genuine pretending  Niklas luhmann  Second-order observation  
Kant and daoism on nothingness Journal article
Journal of Chinese Philosophy, 2011,Volume: 38,Issue: 4,Page: 556-568
Authors:  Wenning,Mario
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"Variation problems" and their roles in the topic of fraction division in Chinese mathematics textbook examples Journal article
Educational Studies in Mathematics, 2011,Volume: 76,Issue: 1,Page: 65-85
Authors:  Xuhua Sun
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Curriculum Development  Example And Exemplification  Fraction Division  Middle Grades, 5-8  Problem Design  Textbook Comparison  Variation Practice