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New cycloartane glycosides from the aerial part of Thalictrum fortunei Journal article
Journal of Natural Medicines, 2013,Volume: 67,Issue: 2,Page: 375-380
Authors:  Zhang X.-T.;  Wang L.;  Ma S.-W.;  Zhang Q.-W.;  Liu Y.;  Zhang L.-H.;  Ye W.-C.
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Cycloartane Glycoside  Ranunculaceae  Thalictrum Fortunei  
Two new saponins from Thalictrum fortunei Journal article
Journal of Asian Natural Products Research, 2012,Volume: 14,Issue: 4,Page: 327-332
Authors:  Zhang X.-T.;  Ma S.-W.;  Jiao H.-Y.;  Zhang Q.-W.
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Cycloartane Glycoside  Cytotoxic  Ranunculaceae  Thalictrum Fortunei