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Influencing Chinese travel decisions: The impact of celebrity endorsement advertising on the Chinese traveler to Macao Journal article
Journal of Vacation Marketing, 2014,Volume: 20,Issue: 3,Page: 253-266
Authors:  Glenn McCartney;  Jose Ferreira Pinto
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Celebrity Endorsement  Chinese Outbound Travel  Co-branding  Destination Selection  Social Media  
Branding destinations versus branding hotels in a gaming destination—Examining the nature and significance of co-branding effects in the case study of Macao Journal article
International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2012,Volume: 31,Issue: 2,Page: 554-563
Authors:  Leonardo (Don) A.N. Dioko;  Siu-Ian (Amy) So
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Destination Branding  Tourism Marketing  Co-branding  Brand Equity  Brand Loyalty