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Spectacular Architecture at the Frontiers of Global Capitalism Book chapter
出自: Macao and the Casino Complex:University of Nevada Press, 2018, 页码: 49-59
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Macau metropolis and mental life: Interior urbanism and the Chinese imaginary Journal article
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 2014,Volume: 38,Issue: 3,Page: 823-842
Authors:  Simpson,Tim
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Living with casinos: the experience of young dealers in Macau Journal article
Journal of Youth Studies, 2014,Volume: 17,Issue: 7,Page: 930-947
Authors:  Shi,Wei;  Liu,Shih Diing
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Casino Capitalism  Freedom  Postcolony  Risk  Young Dealer  
Scintillant Cities: Glass Architecture, Finance Capital, and the Fictions of Macau’s Enclave Urbanism Journal article
Theory, Culture & Society, 2013,Volume: 30,Issue: 7-8,Page: 343-371
Authors:  Tim Simpson
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Architecture  Benjamin  Castells  China  Finance  Post-fordism  Urbanism  
Macau Noir: Criminal Brotherhoods, Casino Capitalism, and the Case of the Post-Socialist Chinese Consumer Journal article
Fast Capitalism, 2011,Volume: 8.1
Authors:  Tim Simpson
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