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Some Aspects of Using Stainless Steel as Concrete Reinforcing Bars and Recent Developments in High Nitrogen, Low Nickel Stainless Steels Journal article
Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering, 2011,Volume: 4,Issue: 3,Page: 234 - 242
Authors:  Kin H. Lo;  Keng. H. Cheang;  Nasir Sinan
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Carbonation  Stainless Steel  Steel  Chloride-induced Corrosion  Concrete  Rebar  Reinforcing Bar  
Accelerated assessment and fuzzy evaluation of concrete durability Journal article
Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 2005,Volume: 17,Issue: 3,Page: 257-263
Authors:  Li Z.;  Chau C.K.;  Zhou X.
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Acceleration  Carbonation  Concrete durability  Feedback control  Freeze-thaw  Fuzzy sets  Performance evaluation  Permeability