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A Petri Nets based Generic Genetic Algorithm framework for resource optimization in business processes Journal article
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 2018,Volume: 86,Page: 72-101
Authors:  Yain-Whar Si;  Veng-Ian Chan;  Marlon Dumas;  Defu Zhang
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Colored Petri Nets  Genetic Algorithm  Resource Optimization  Business Process Simulation  
Privacy data analysis in services combination process based on CPN Conference paper
Applied Mechanics and Materials
Authors:  Liu Y.L.;  Zhai G.Y.;  Zhou J.T.
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BPEL  CPN  P3P  Privacy Data  
Design and implementation of test case selection based on map reduce Conference paper
Applied Mechanics and Materials
Authors:  Liu Y.L.;  Wang Y.;  Zhou J.T.
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Cloud computing  CPN  MapReduce  Test case selection  Test purpose  
I/O conformance test generation with colored petri nets Journal article
Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences, 2014,Volume: 8,Issue: 6,Page: 2695-2704
Authors:  Liu J.;  Ye X.;  Zhou J.;  Song X.
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Colored petri nets  Input-output conformance  Model simulation  Software testing  Test generation  
Test purpose oriented I/O conformance test selection with colored petri nets Journal article
Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2014,Volume: 2014
Authors:  Liu J.;  Ye X.;  Zhou J.
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SCN: Modeling and simulation of resource constrained workflow under cloud computing environment Conference paper
2011 International Conference on Information Science and Technology, ICIST 2011
Authors:  Zhou J.;  Liang R.
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A modified counter-propagation network for process mean shift identification Conference paper
Conference Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
Authors:  Wang B.;  Wan F.;  Shu L.
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Control chart pattern recognition  Modifed counter-propagation network  Process mean shift