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Identification of novel natural compound inhibitors for human complement component 5a receptor by homology modeling and virtual screening Journal article
Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2016,Volume: 25,Issue: 8,Page: 1564-1573
Authors:  Shaikh F.;  Siu S.W.I.
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C5aR  Homology modeling  MM-GBSA  Molecular docking  Natural compound inhibitor  Virtual screening  
Role of the second extracellular loop of human C3a receptor in agonist binding and receptor function Journal article
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1999,Volume: 274,Issue: 14,Page: 9721-9728
Authors:  Chao T.-H.;  Ember J.A.;  Wang M.;  Bayon Y.;  Hugli T.E.;  Ye R.D.
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