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Entry and business strategies used by international architectural, engineering and construction firms in China Journal article
Construction Management and Economics, 2005,Issue: 23,Page: 509–520
Authors:  Florence Yean Yng Ling;  C. William Ibbs;  Javier C. Cuervo
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China  Strategies  Foreign Firms  International Construction  Market Entry Mode  
Consortia for Export of Construction Services in Singapore Conference paper
Proceedings of 11th Joint CIB International Symposium Combining Forces - Advancing Facilities Management and Construction through Innovation Series, Helsinki, Finland, 13 Jun 2005 - 16 Jun 2005
Authors:  George Ofori;  Javier C. Cuervo
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International Construction  Pre-requisites  Competitiveness  Consortium  Corporate Performance  
Investigating the construct of adolescent receptivity to tobacco advertising and promotion Conference paper
Proceedings of the 3rd American Academy of Advertising Asia-Pacific Conference, Hong Kong, China, 1-4 June, 2005
Authors:  Lee, Alvin Y. C.;  Mizerski, Richard;  Mizerski, Katherine;  Lam, Desmond
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The Importance of Personalization in Affecting Consumer Attitude toward Mobile Advertising in China Conference paper
ACIS 2005 Proceedings - 16th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 29 November - 2 December 2005
Authors:  David Jingjun Xu;  S. Liao;  H. Tang
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Quality of Work Life using need satisfaction approach: A study of employees in Shanghai, Mainland China Conference paper
Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual International Conference on Advances in Management, July 20-23.2005, Washington D.C., USA
Authors:  Wyatt, T.A.;  Chan, K.W.
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Quality Of Work Life  Job Satisfaction  Life Satisfaction  Needs Theory  Spillover Theory  Shanghai