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Reacting to China's rise throughout history: balancing and accommodating in East Asia Journal article
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, 2020,Volume: 20,Issue: 1,Page: 119-148
Authors:  Meng, Weizhan;  Hu, Weixing
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Discerning states' revisionist and status-quo orientations: Comparing China and the US Journal article
European Journal of International Relations, 2019,Volume: 25,Issue: 2,Page: 613-640
Authors:  Chan, Steve;  Hu, Weixing;  He, Kai
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International Order  Status-quo Orientation  Power-transition Theory  Revisionism  
Xi Jinping's 'Major Country Diplomacy': The Role of Leadership in Foreign Policy Transformation Journal article
JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY CHINA, 2019,Volume: 28,Issue: 115,Page: 1-14
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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Trump's China Policy and Its Implications for the "Cold Peace" across the Taiwan Strait Journal article
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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China and the United States in the Asia-Pacific: Towards a New Model or New Normal of Major Power Relations? Journal article
CHINA-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, 2017,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 63-82
Authors:  Hu, WX
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Taiwan Strait détente and the changing role of the United States in cross-Strait relations Journal article
China Information, 2013,Volume: 27,Issue: 1,Page: 31-50
Authors:  Hu, WX
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Abandoning Taiwan  China–us–taiwan Relations  Détente  Taiwan Strait  Us Taiwan Policy  
China's New Generation Of Leaders And Regional Challenges In East Asia Journal article
Eurasian Geography and Economics, 2012,Volume: 53,Issue: 6,Page: 674-687
Authors:  Hu, Richard W;  Chan, Steve
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China  Sino-american Relations  East Asia  Leadership Transition  Foreign Policy  International Security Environment  Territorial Disputes  Nationalism  
Explaining Change and Stability in Cross-Strait Relations: a punctuated equilibrium model Journal article
Journal of Contemporary China, 2012,Volume: 21,Issue: 78,Page: 933-953
Authors:  Hu, WX
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China's Taiwan policy and East Asian security Journal article
Journal of Contemporary Asia, 1997,Volume: 27,Issue: 3,Page: 374-391
Authors:  Hu, WX
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