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Estimation of maximum interval hybrid entropy of sensitive equipment failure rate due to voltage sag Journal article
Dianli Zidonghua Shebei/Electric Power Automation Equipment, 2011,Volume: 31,Issue: 10,Page: 70-75
作者:  Zhao H.;  Xiao X.;  Li Z.;  Wang Y.
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Entropy  Equipment sensitivity  Estimation  Failure rate  Interval probability  Models  Point probability  Power quality  Voltage sag  
Handheld Machine Translation System Based on Constraint Synchronous Grammar Conference paper
In Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XIII (MT Summit XIII), Xiamen, China, 2011
作者:  Fai Wong;  Francisco Oliveira;  Sam Chao;  Chi-Wai Tang
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Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Converter for Medium-voltage Large-capacity Applications Conference paper
Proceedings - 2011 Annual IEEE India Conference: Engineering Sustainable Solutions, INDICON-2011, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad, 16-18 Dec. 2011
作者:  Xin WEN;  Ningyi DAI;  Man Chung WONG;  Chi Kong WONG
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Direct-pwm  Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Converter  Hybrid Pwm  Railway Power Compensator ((Rpc)