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A new method for the probabilistic solutions of large-scale nonlinear stochastic dynamic systems Book chapter
出自: IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics and Control:Springer Science+Business Media, 2011, 页码: 25-34
Authors:  G.K. Er;  V.P. Iu
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Fokker-planck Equation  Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamic System  Subspace  Probability Density Function  
Time-inhomogeneous Markov Chain and ergodicity arising from nonlinear dynamic systems and optimization Book chapter
出自: Progress in Nonlinear Analysis Research, Editor Frank Columbus, New York, United States:Nova Science Publishers Inc, 2009
Authors:  G. Yin;  S. Nguyen;  L. Wang;  C. Xu
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