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A Process- and temperature- insensitive current-controlled delay generator for sampled-data systems Conference paper
IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, Proceedings, APCCAS, Macao, PEOPLES R CHINA, NOV 30-DEC 03, 2008
Authors:  Wei H.-G.;  Chio U.-F.;  Zhu Y.;  Sin S.-W.;  Seng-Pan U.;  Martins R.P.
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Probabalistic Solution of Nonlinear Oscillators Under External and Parametric Poisson Impulses Journal article
AIAA Journal, 2008,Volume: 46,Issue: 11,Page: 2839-2847
Authors:  G. K. Er;  H. T. Zhu;  V. P. Iu;  K. P. Kou
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