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Effects of B content on microstructure and mechanical properties of nanocomposite Ti-Bx-Ny thin films Conference paper
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures
Authors:  Lu Y.H.;  Sit P.;  Hung T.F.;  Chen H.;  Zhou Z.F.;  Li K.Y.;  Shen Y.G.
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Design of a novel pinhole collimator system for SPECT imaging of small animals with different sizes Conference paper
2005 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, Fajardo, PR, OCT 23-29, 2005
Authors:  Mok, Seng Peng;  Wang, Yuchuan;  Tsui, Benjamin M. W.
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Microspect  Single Pinhole  Multi-pinhole  Small Animal Imaging  Monte Carlo Simulation  
RMCSIM: A simulation model of a ready-mixed concrete plant serving multiple sites using multiple truckmixers Journal article
Construction Management and Economics, 2005,Volume: 23,Issue: 1,Page: 15-32
Authors:  Tang S.L.;  Ying K.C.;  Anson M.;  Lu M.
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Concrete  Construction  Hong Kong  Monte Carlo  Optimal  Plant  Ready-mixed  Simulation  Sites  Truckmixers  
Partial Volume Compensation in Quantitative Pinhole Small Animal SPECT Imaging – A Monte Carlo Simulation Study Meeting Abstract
Authors:  Du Y;  Frey EC;  Wang Y;  Segars WP;  Mok GSP;  Tsui BMW
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