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Finite element study of cracked steel circular tube repaired by FRP patching Conference paper
Procedia Engineering, Hong Kong, PEOPLES R CHINA, JAN 26-28, 2011
作者:  Lam C.C.;  Cheng J.J.;  Yam C.H.
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Cracked Steel Structures  Fatigue Repair  Finite Element Analysis  Frp  
Failure of a Sliding Metal Gate Due to Single-Impact Bending Fracture and Poor Installation Practice Journal article
Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, 2011,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 71–76
作者:  J. K. L. Lai;  K. H. Lo;  K. W. Wong
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Sliding Metal Gates  Fatigue  Single-impact Bending Fracture