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Extending E-Ticketing Service with Mobile Transactions Conference paper
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Information Technology and Applications (ICITA 2002), Bathurst, Australia, Nov. 25-29, 2002
Authors:  Shirley Siu;  Zhen Sheng Guo;  Simon Fong;  Sofia Zhuang
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Design Of Mobile Application  Electronic Ticket  Mobile Commerce  Pervasive Computing  
A Concept-based Model to Facilitate Automated Negotiation in Multi-agent Systems Conference paper
Second international workshop on Intelligent systems design and application, Atlanta, GA, USA, AUG 07-08, 2002
Authors:  Fong, Simon;  Zhuang, Sofia
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Developing Component-Based E-Commerce Applications for Learning Organizations: An Inter-Enterprise Architectural Response to Organizational Transformation Conference paper
CD-Proceedings of the Third World Congress on the Management of Electronic Commerce, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Jan. 16-18,2002
Authors:  Vat, K.H.
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Solution for Electronic Ticket in Mobile Media Conference paper
Proceedings of Macau IT Week 2002 Seminar Series, Oct 4-6 2002, Macau
Authors:  Shirley Siu;  Eddie Au
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Mobile Media  Mobile Communication  Smart Card  E-commerce