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A novel low-voltage 2nd-order Sigma-Delta Modulator with double-sampling for GSM/DECT/WCDMA Conference paper
2004 International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems, Chengdu, China, 27-29 June 2004
Authors:  Chio K.;  Martins R.P.;  Sengpan U.
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Double-sampling  Moving Sum  Rdwa  Sigma Delta  
Articulating autonomously distributed electronic product catalogues for constructing dynamic CONEX net Conference paper
IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology for Dynamic E-Business, Beijing, China, 13-15 Sept. 2004
Authors:  Jingzhi Guo;  Chengzheng Sun;  David Chen
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Gabor Wavelets Transform and Extended Nearest Feature Space Classifier for Face Recognition Conference paper
Proceedings - Third International Conference on Image and Graphics, Hong Kong, China, 18-20 Dec. 2004
Authors:  Jianke Zhu;  Mang I Vai;  Peng Un Mak
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Interpolated probabilistic tagging model optimized with genetic algorithm Conference paper
Proceedings of 2004 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, Shanghai, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG 26-29, 2004
Authors:  Wong F.;  Chao S.;  Hu D.-C.;  Mao Y.-H.
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Genetic Algorithm  Portuguese Tagging  Pos Tagging  Probabilistic Model  
Market reform: A challenge to public health - The case of schistosomiasis control in China Journal article
International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 2004,Volume: 19,Issue: SUPPL. 1
Authors:  Bian Y.;  Sun Q.;  Zhao Z.;  Blas E.
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China  Health care reform  Provider incentives  Public goods  Schistosomiasis  
A Wide Stopband Tapped Square Split Ring Stepped Impedance Interdigital Bandpass Filter Conference paper
The 5th IEEE (HK/MACAU) AP! MTT Postgraduate Conference, University of Macau, Macao, China, 2004-9
Authors:  Hoi-Kai Pang;  Kam-Weng Tam;  Ruj P, Martins
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Microstrip  Microwave Filter  Spurious Response  Square Split Ring Resonator  Stepped Impedance Resonator  
国内外医药产业政策比较 Journal article
中国药业 = China Pharmaceuticals, 2004,Volume: 13,Issue: 5,Page: 9-10
Authors:  胡元佳;  卞鹰;  邵蓉;  王一涛
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医药产业政策  产业组织  产业布局  
中国医药工业布局的现状、问题与对策 Journal article
中国科技产业 = Science & Technology Industry of China, 2004,Issue: 6,Page: 36-38
Authors:  胡元佳;  卞鹰;  邵蓉;  王一涛
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医药工业  产业布局  区位商  
A Power-and-Area Efficient, Multifunctional CMOS A/D Interface for a Low-IF/Zero-IF Reconfigurable Receiver Conference paper
Proc. of IEEJ (7th) International Analog VLSI Workshop (AVLSIWS), University of Macau Macao SAR, China, 13th - 15th October, 2004
Authors:  Pui-In Mak;  Seng-Pan U;  R.P.Martins
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Novel Low Jitter Multi-Phase Clock Generation Scheme for Parallel Analog-toDigital Conversion Systems Conference paper
Proc. IEEE/IEEJapan International Analog VLSI Workshop – AVLSIWS 2004, University of Macau, Macao, China, Oct 2004
Authors:  Sai-Weng Sin;  Seng-Pan U;  R.P.Martins
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