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An SC CCIR-601 video restitution filter with 13.5 msample/S input and 108 msample/s output Conference paper
International Conference on ASIC, Proceedings, SHANGHAI, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT 23-25, 2001
Authors:  U S.-P.;  Cheong H.-M.;  Chan I.-L.;  Chan K.-M.;  Chan U.-C.;  Liu M.;  Martins R.P.;  Franca J.E.
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Enhancement of attenuation poles at finite frequencies in six-pole microstrip quasi-elliptic filter Conference paper
International Conference on ASIC, Proceedings, Shanghai, China, China, 23-25 Oct. 2001
Authors:  Chang K.F.;  Tam K.W.;  Martins R.P.
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Formal object-oriented analysis and design of an online ticketing system Conference paper
Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference and International Computer Science Conference, APSEC and ICSC, MACAO, PEOPLES R CHINA, DEC 04-07, 2001
Authors:  Li X.;  Liu Z.;  Guo Z.
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E-commerce  Formal Techniques  Liveness  Object-orientation  Safety  Uml  
An analytical linearization method for CMOS MMIC power amplifier using multiple gated transistors Conference paper
International Conference on ASIC, Proceedings, SHANGHAI, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT 23-25, 2001
Authors:  Weng S.S.;  Chong L.K.;  Vai C.K.;  Wa C.W.;  Tam K.W.;  Martins R.P.
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China: From Revolutionary to A Professional Military Book chapter
出自: Military Professionalism in Asia, Hawaii:EastWest Centre Press, 2001, 页码: 111-136
Authors:  You Ji
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The Tacit US-Taiwan Military Alliance and China's Perception Book chapter
出自: Alliance tomorrow: security arrangements after the Cold War, Japan:Tokyo Foundation, 2001, 页码: 109-139
Authors:  JI YOU
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Laser surface melting of plastics mold steels by automated Nd-YAG laser system Conference paper
Proceedings of Conference of Automation Science and Technology, Macau, China, 7-8 December 2001
Authors:  Leong, KI;  Kwok, CT;  Cheng, FT;  Man, HC
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Uncovering Three Gorges Dam: North American Coverage of Chinese Environmental Issues Book chapter
出自: Covering China (Media Studies):Transaction Publishers, 2001, 页码: 119-126
Authors:  Wu Mei
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