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Web and Big Data Academic proceedings
Macau, China, July 23–25, 2018
Authors:  Leong Hou U;  Haoran Xie
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A importância da difusão das línguas portuguesa e chinesa para a colaboração académica no ensino superior e promoção do turismo : XXIV Encontro da Associação das Universidades de Língua Portuguesa / c Academic proceedings
Macau, Raem, 2014
Authors:  AULP;  Cristina Montalvão Sarmento;  Sandra Moura;  Rui Martins
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The probabilistic solution of nonlinear Euler-Bernoulli beam excited by Poisson white noise Academic proceedings
Beijing,China, 2012-8
Authors:  Guo-Kang Er
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Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics  Multi-degree-of-freedom Systems  Fokker-planck Equation  Poisson White Noise  
Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Computational Mechanics in conjunction with the 12th International Conference on the Enhancement and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering and Science Academic proceedings
Hong Kong-Macau, 30 November-3 December 2009
Authors:  Jane W.Z. Lu;  Andrew Y.T. Leung;  Vai Pan Iu;  Kai Meng Mok
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XX Encontro da Associação das Universidades de Língua Portuguesa : AULP : A China, Macau e os países de língua portuguesa. Academic proceedings
Macau, 2010
Authors:  AULP;  Clécia Lima Ferreira;  Rui Martins
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Proceedings of 2009 IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering Academic proceedings
Macau, China, 2009-10-21
Authors:  Chung, Jen-Yao;  Guo, Jingzhi
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Recent Advances in Computational Mathematics Academic proceedings
University of Macau, 2006-12
Authors:  Deng Ding;  Xiao-Qing Jin;  Hai-Wei Sun
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Proceedings of Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing Workshops Academic proceedings
Shanghai, China, 2008
Authors:  Minyi Guo;  Zhijun Wang;  Feilong Tang;  Cheng-Zhong Xu
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Proceedings of Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing Academic proceedings
Shanghai, China, 2008
Authors:  Cheng-Zhong Xu;  Minyi Guo
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Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Cooperative and Grid Computing Academic proceedings
Urumchi, China, 2007
Authors:  Yanbo Han;  Gustavo Alonso;  Rajkumar Buyya;  Chengzhong Xu
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