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Stabilization of G-quadruplex DNA with platinum(II) Schiff base complexes: Luminescent probe and down-regulation of c-myc oncogene expression Journal article
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2009,Volume: 15,Issue: 47,Page: 13008-13021
Authors:  Wu P.;  Ma D.-L.;  Leung C.-H.;  Yan S.-C.;  Zhu N.;  Abagyan R.;  Che C.-M.
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G-quadruplex DNA  Luminescent probes  Onogenes  Platinum  Schiff bases  
Enhancement of optic cup detection from ARGALI using key points Conference paper
2nd International Conference on Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, ICBPE 2009 - Conference Proceedings
Authors:  Wong D.W.K.;  Tan N.M.;  Liu J.;  Tan Z.;  Tang Y.;  Zhang Z.;  Lim J.H.;  Ng W.J.;  Li H.;  Lu S.;  Wong T.Y.
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A novel high-throughput technique for identifying monoclonal antibodies capable of death receptor induced apoptosis Journal article
Journal of Cell Death, 2009,Volume: 2009,Page: 45-51
Authors:  Kwok H.F.;  Gormley J.A.;  Scott C.J.;  Johnston J.A.;  Olwill S.A.
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Annexin-V  Apoptosis  Crosslinks antibodies  Fas receptor  High throughput screening  Prodidium iodide  Therapeutic antibodies  
Value of plasma β-Glucan in early diagnosis of invasive fungal infection in children Journal article
Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics, 2009,Volume: 11,Issue: 11,Page: 905-908
Authors:  Zhao L.;  Tang J.-Y.;  Wang Y.;  Zhou Y.-F.;  Chen J.;  Li B.-R.;  Xue H.-L.
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(1,3)-β-D-glucan  Child  Early diagnosis  Invasive fungal infection  
High-content screening: flow cytometry analysis. Journal article
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2009,Volume: 486,Page: 151-165
Authors:  Edwards B.S.;  Young S.M.;  Ivnitsky-Steele I.;  Ye R.D.;  Prossnitz E.R.;  Sklar L.A.
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The ability of the quadruple test to predict adverse perinatal outcomes in a high-risk obstetric population Journal article
Journal of Medical Screening, 2009,Volume: 16,Issue: 2,Page: 55-59
Authors:  Lao M.R.;  Calhoun B.C.;  Bracero L.A.;  Wang Y.;  Seybold D.J.;  Broce M.;  Hatjis C.G.
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Error rates and powers in genome-scale RNAi screens Journal article
Journal of Biomolecular Screening, 2009,Volume: 14,Issue: 3,Page: 230-238
Authors:  Zhang X.D.;  Marine S.D.;  Ferrer M.
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False-negative rate  Power  Restricted false-positive rate  Strictly standardized mean difference  Type I error  Type II error