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Formalising Scheduling Theories in Duration Calculus Journal article
Nordic Journal of Computing, 2008,Volume: 14,Page: 173–201
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Real Time Scheduling  Formal Proof  Duration Calculus  Temporal Logics  Schedulability Conditions  
QRDChecker: A model checking tool for QRDC Journal article
Ruan Jian Xue Bao/Journal of Software, 2005,Volume: 16,Issue: 3,Page: 355-364
Authors:  Pei Y.;  Xu Q.-W.;  Li X.-D.;  Zheng G.-L.
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Finitary property  Interval temporal logic  Model checking  Reactive system  
QRDChecker:一个 QRDC 模型检验工具 Journal article
软件学报, 2005,Volume: 16,Issue: 03,Page: 355-364
Authors:  裴玉;  徐启文;  李宣东;  郑国梁
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模型检验  有限性性质  反应式系统  时段时序逻辑  
Advanced Features of Duration Calculus and Their Applications in Sequential Hybrid Programs Journal article
Formal Aspects of Computing, 2003,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 84-99
Authors:  Savi Mi;  Judi Romijn;  Carron Shankland
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Comparative Case Study  Ieee Standard  Formal Methods  Firewire