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Characterization of Pb(ScTa)1-xTixO3 (x<0.3) thin films grown on LaNiO3 coated Si By MOCVD Journal article
Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings, 1999,Volume: 541,Page: 679-684
Authors:  Lin C.H.;  Kuo H.C.;  Stillman G.E.;  Chen H.
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Characterization of highly textured PZT thin films grown on LaNiO 3 coated Si substrates by MOCVD Conference paper
Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings
Authors:  Lin C.H.;  Yen B.M.;  Chen H.;  Wu T.B.;  Kuo H.C.;  Stillman G.E.
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