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Linear Algebra and Its Applications 8 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 5 Applied Mathematics and Computation 4
Computers and Mathematics with Applications 4 East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics 3 International Journal of Computer Mathematics 3
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 3 Applied Mathematics Letters 2 BIT 2
Journal of Computational Physics 2 Linear Algebra and its Applications 2 NUMERICAL MATHEMATICS-THEORY METHODS AND APPLICATIONS 2
Advances in Mathematics Research 1 COMPUTERS & MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS 1 Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, C. Postal 3001, Macau 1
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER MATHEMATICS 1 International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling 1 Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics 1
Matrix Methods: Theory, Algorithms and Applications: Dedicated to the Memory of Gene Golub 1 NUMERICAL LINEAR ALGEBRA WITH APPLICATIONS 1