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Applied Economics 3 China Economic Review 2 Review of Development Economics 2
Applied Economics Letters 1 China’s Development and Harmonisation: Towards a Balance with Nature, Society and the International Community 1 Comparative Economic Studies 1
Economic Modelling 1 INTERNATIONAL GAMBLING STUDIES 1 International Review of Economics & Finance 1
International review of economics & finance 1 JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS 1 JOURNAL OF GAMBLING STUDIES 1
JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 1 Journal of Comparative Economics 1 Journal of Gambling Business and Economics 1
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 1 Proceedings of 2017 Chinese Economist Society Annual Conference in China 1 The Rapid Growth of Casino Industry and Its Impacts to the Macao Economy and Society 1
World Economy 1 proceedings of The 2015 Henan Symposium on Development and Institutional Economics 1