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THE JOURNAL OF GAMBLING BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS 3 2017 Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research Conference 1 5th Biennial Conference of the World Accounting Frontiers Series 1
ACIS 2009 Proceedings 1 AMCIS 2008 PROCEEDINGS 1 Australasian Journal of Information Systems 1
Contemporary Management Research 1 Global Strategy and Practice of E-Governance : Examples from Around the World 1 ICIC 2019: Intelligent Computing Methodologies 1
IT Workers: Human Capital Issues in a Knowledge-Based Environment 1 Information Systems Frontiers 1 International Journal of Electronic Business 1
International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management 1 International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 1 Journal of Information Technology Management 1
Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Electronic Business 1 Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Theory and practice of electronic governance 1 Strategies for Managing IS/IT Personnel 1
THE 7TH WORLD BUSINESS ETHICS FORUM: Business Ethics, Leadership and the New Economy 1 TOURISM ECONOMICS 1