当前检索式 ((ALL:Technological Innovation))
Journal of Business Research 3 2002 澳門創新技術研討會論文集 = Proceedings of symposium on technological innovation in Macau 2002 2 Innovation Value Chain of Chinese Pharmaceuticals 2
Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation 2 2002 澳門創新技術研討會論文集 1 42nd European Marketing Academy Conference Proceedings 1
APBITM 2011 - Proceedings2011 IEEE International Summer Conference of Asia Pacific Business Innovation and Technology Management 1 Academy of Management Proceedings 1 CHINESE MEDICINE 1
Health Research Policy and Systems 1 Industrial Marketing Management 1 International Journal of Business Innovation and Research 1
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management 1 International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development 1 JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ISSUES 1
Journal of Economic Issues 1 MABS 1 Managerial Flow 1
Proceedings of BEAR 2006 Conference on Construction Sustainability and Innovation: Theme 2.5 Cost and Financial Management CIB W89 1 Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business "Global Networks: Organizations and People" 1